MitoCardia brings together the pioneers of mitochondrial dysfunction in cardiovascular disease, high quality cutting edge technological platforms and clinical expertise to precisely define the mechanisms of the dysfunction, define and refine molecules that could correct it and translate these findings to the clinic to provide cutting edge therapies for treating heart disease. 


At present, detailed mechanistic insight is missing which would provide information on what is precisely going wrong when dysregulation occurs, MitoCardia through its collaborative partnership will identify the characteristics of the mechanism and define which therapies can be engaged to correct it.

                                             MitoCardia will focus on 3 key questions


1. To identify, define and understand the proteins that are impacted within the energy producing centre of the cell as a result of the molecular changes that occur as cardiovascular disease progresses.


2. Characterise how these proteins, along with the molecules creating the dysfunction result in an irreversible collapse of the energy producing centre and sequential inappropriate cell death in heart disease.


3. To use this combined knowledge for the development of rational and targeted therapeutic approaches that reverse the dysfunction and provide cardioprotection.


                    ‘We will provide insights and strategies on the precise mechanisms which

                        occur when molecular dysregulation occurs opening avenues for the

                                           design of tailored interventive therapies’