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Welcome to MitoCardia


MitoCardia is a Network of 7 world renowned fundamental and clinical research teams working within a trans-atlantic partnership to identify new approaches for treating a global health problem.


Supported by the Fondation Leducq, these teams are working together to better understand dysregulation in the energy producing centre (mitochondria) of the cell itself. Opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (PTP), a large conductance channel in the inner mitochondrial membrane, can initiate cell death. Sustained opening of the PTP triggers cell death; perpetuating cardiovascular disease and increasing the possibility of heart failure. We are identifying ways to correct this dysregulation, identify ways to close the pores and reverse the progression of cardiovascular disease.

 ‘Our multidisciplinary and highly collaborative approach will generate a more comprehensive understanding of mitochondrial function and dysfunction relevant to the treatment of cardiovascular disease. We have assembled the leading international experts in this field within one project to design targeted cardioprotective interventions’

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